things that make a difference

Mipro started the Things that make a difference recruitment campaign in the spirit of Finland’s centenary for a year ago. The goal of the campaign was to employ 50 new people at Mipro and our co-operation and partner companies during the year. Now the campaign is in its final stage and it is time to estimate results. We achieved the goals set – together with our partners.

  • We have hired 28 new persons during the campaign year.
  • We have strengthened cooperation with our partner companies through common development projects, for example to create new product solutions.
  • We have learned a lot about communication, and tested and taken into use new communication tools.
  • We participated in various events: recruitment events in educational institutions, international trade fairs, local events.

Although the campaign has ended, the things that make a difference remain.

Come and work for us!
You can do really important things.

Mipro developed the Things that make a difference recruitment campaign in the spirit of Finland’s centenary. Through this campaign we wanted to build a network of experts and an ecosystem that generates work, knowledge and well-being for all who are involved.

The theme of the Things that make a difference campaign emphasises that at Mipro we do things that affect everyone’s life every day. We design and implement systems that touch the basics of life – safe transportation and clean water.

Our goal is to export our know-how to the world as well.

People at Mipro work to ensure that our rail traffic and water and energy supply are safe. For us, safety means something else too. Mipro is a safe workplace. The company is solid and its continuity is ensured. If matters that really count are close to your heart as well, submit an open application.

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Send your open application to the address:

At Mipro, you can have an impact on everyday safety: traffic, water supply, environment.

“Mipro is a small company that has already achieved great things. New customers bring new needs, which is why we are now looking for experts for tasks that we have not conducted previously. We are interested in people who are willing to grow and develop together with Mipro. We are looking for a wide range of experts, in subjects such as automation, programming, electrical engineering, project management, user interface design, product management, sales and system maintenance.”

Managing Director Juha Nurmi, Mipro

"Mipro is an efficient and forward-looking company. Our experts are energetic and goal-oriented and are all working towards common objectives. This approach allows you to get the most our of yourself as well. It's good that you can challenge yourself: you cannot be a specialist in one field only; you have to develop your skills continuosly."

Sanna Määttä, Quality Manager

”I have worked at Mipro since 2002. I was involved when we defined the following goal as part of Mipro’s strategy: Mipro aims at being the most reliable and well recognised expert in safety related systems within its region. It is a realistic goal but to realise it requires hiring the best employees. Come and join us, to ensure that Mipro will continue to grow into the future. The growth of the company is the best guarantee of safety and continuity for employees.”

Jari Pylvänäinen, Business Line Director

Mipro in a nutshell:

Mipro is an expert company specialised in rail traffic and industrial systems. Our systems are used for safety management
in railway and metro services and industry processes as well as for controlling processes in water and energy management.

The common thread in our operations is solution-orientation. We provide our customers with flexible solutions to meet their needs today and in the future.
Mipro is a fast-growing company that operates in Mikkeli, Espoo and Oulu in Finland, and in Warsaw in Poland.
We are operating in the global market and seeking for growth through internationalisation.

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