Centralised, computer-based traffic management system

Mipro's highly scalable and modular traffic management system ensures reliable and efficient rail traffic flow in all situations. It integrates seamlessly to various types of interlocking systems and provides a unified operational environment, data transmission connections and interfaces for their control.

dynamic control environment to enhance dispatchers' daily work

Traffic controllers must manage even larger amounts of data in their work as areas to be controlled have become wider. Today a traffic controller’s work also requires constant attention and interaction with rail maintenance supervisors, train drivers and shunting work personnel. Consequently, they have to be able to notice abnormal situations and elements immediately and react to them without delay.

Mipro’s traffic management system takes the challenges involved in traffic controllers’ work into account: it has been designed in co-operation with traffic controllers.


  • Modular system architecture
  • Easy integration and adaptation to the existing infrastructure
  • High availability and constant system development
  • Ease of use
  • Unified, user-friendly operations