Mipro REGO situational awareness system

to manage better – focus on relevant

Mipro REGO is a Geographic Information System (GIS) based situational awareness system that connects human reasoning ability with situational information of various systems. The importance of clear and easily exploitable information is especially emphasised when something occurs in the process. Mipro REGO collects information from existing systems, analyses and processes it and presents it in an easily exploitable format, which enables better decision-making and more efficient communication.


  • Map View with a central hub to view the information
  • Collects and combines information from existing systems such as location information, asset information, security systems, IoTs and sensors
  • Analyses the collected data to visualise the current status and build future prediction models
  • Automated alarms can be configured and generated from the collected and processed information
  • Highlights and communicates events of interest within the organisation.