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Mipro increases its sales capabilities and targets international markets

Mipro Oy, the Finnish rail traffic safety specialist, is increasing its presence in international markets in this field. The company’s new sales director Jari Pylvänen considers that urbanization and advancing rail traffic technology will provide substantial growth opportunities for the company. A key reason is that solutions that have been implemented in telecommunications are now being introduced into rail traffic systems.

Finnish company Mipro Oy is targeting significant growth in the international market. New sales director Jari Pylvänen says that urbanization and new technologies are opening up huge possibilities in the rail traffic system and safety markets. “Various cloud services, intelligent networks and telecommunication-based solutions are providing interesting possibilities for future rail traffic systems. At the same time, urbanization and the pursuit of low-emission transport modes look set to increase the popularity of rail traffic,” says Pylvänen.

According to Pylvänen, the development leap currently being witnessed in rail traffic parallels that seen in telecommunications in previous decades. Moreover, the modernisation of traditional rail traffic and the implementation of bullet trains and automatic metros in various places of the world are providing an agile company like Mipro with excellent opportunities to expand globally.

“In addition to hardware, software is increasingly needed in global railway systems. Mipro’s strong product development and total solutions are extremely attractive to international players. The West Metro (Länsimetro) signalling system solution is an excellent reference for Mipro’s competences. The signalling system project we are providing for the Estonian railways has already kicked-off our internationalisation.”

In addition, cooperation both internally and with various stakeholders is becoming increasingly significant in international projects. “The sales of top-level expert services requires the deployment of the special knowledge and expertise that is available throughout our entire organisation,” adds Pylvänen.

Jari Pylvänen has gained over 20 years of experience in the international sales and marketing of telecommunication solutions at Nokia and Creanord. His experience in this field extends from Europe to North and South America.

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