Metro interlocking system commissioning

Mipro’s interlocking system controls the entire metro line in the capital area

A new interlocking system and operations control system delivered by Mipro were commissioned on the metro line during a break of one weekend on 11-13 January 2019.

west metro solution

Mipro has delivered interlocking and ATS systems and the passenger information system for the new West Metro line, the western metro extension of the existing Helsinki metro. See our video depicting how Mipro implemented a total solution suitable for the West Metro environment within a tight schedule.

Kokkola-Ylivieska double-track

The Kokkola–Ylivieska double-track project, which is one of the most comprehensive signalling system projects ever implemented in Finland, has advanced to its final commissionings. See our video depicting the project's current status.

Complete project management by Mipro

View our video about Kokkola-Ylivieska double-track signalling system Project

Complete project management by Mipro

View our video about the modernisation project of Western Finland's remote control (TAKO)