Suvi Hyyryläinen, Director, Projects

"mipro's business lines are interesting."

Suvi joined Mipro in May 2002 to write her Master’s thesis for Helsinki University of Technology where she studied chemical engineering, specialising in process automation and software engineering. This was a skill combination Mipro was looking for and they employed Suvi as a methods engineer after she had completed her Master’s thesis. Later on Suvi worked as team leader in the software team, and since 2006 she was in charge of the Software and Design Engineering unit. In the spring 2013 Suvi was appointed to manage Mipro's project activities.

In Suvi’s opinion Mipro’s business lines – Safety Related Systems and water and energy management systems – are interesting. The automation in their background is, to a great degree, the same, but the operating environments are totally different. Both business lines have safety and environmental welfare in common. They are features which Suvi wants to develop and work with. ”For me it matters what kind of products I am creating.” The operating policy and values of the small family company and their commitment to the enterprise and personnel are also factors that Suvi highly appreciates.

In her current job Suvi enjoys, whenever possible, stimulating people to do their best. Developing work methods and processes and management of projects are included in her job description. ”Supervisory work takes a great deal of my work time, but it is rewarding. It is so encouraging to see someone succeeding in her or his task.”