Seppo Hyvönen, Product Manager, ETCS/ERTMS

”I haven’t considered changing my job.”

Seppo has worked at Mipro for over twenty years and has not considered changing his job so far. “It has been fun at Mipro. I have had opportunities to advance my career and perform diverse jobs with dynamic and young colleagues.”

Currently, Seppo manages Mipro's ETCS/ERTMS development project. Before this he was in charge of research and development ensuring that our products and services remain competitive and on the cutting edge of technology at domestic and international market. Prior to his current positions, Seppo acted, for a long time, as director of the water and energy management business line.

His job has been varied, including customer accession, selling, development work and participating in delivery projects. Seppo likes it when the job is rich in nuances. Multiple skills and multiple roles obviously belong to the operating model of a small company.

”Internal motivation is extremely important in the work and Mipro provides facilities for that,” says Seppo. ”You can have an influence on what to do and how to do it. This freedom also includes the responsibility to always act with the company’s best interests in mind.”

Seppo’s career at Mipro started in February 1989 when he joined the company as a product manager. This occurred in the period when Mipro gave up installation activities and started to invest in system development. Seppo was strongly involved in the marketing of safety logics in Finland. Project operations were also included in his job. As a career high spot Seppo remembers successful delivery projects in which constant interaction developed between the customer and the supplier; by acting in concert the desired goal was achieved.

Seppo sees a bright future for Mipro: “The company has a good reputation, the products are in excellent shape and activities are expanding; the importance of functioning water supply, for example, is enormous, hence the appropriate technology is needed. But nothing comes on its own; we must work hard and develop our knowledge.”