Sanna Vihersalo, Project Manager

“Mipro offers challenging tasks and a pleasant working environment.”

Sanna’s career path at Mipro started in September 2011 when she joined the company to write her Master’s thesis for the University of Oulu. Her study course at the university was mechanical engineering and she specialised in industrial engineering and management.

“The Master’s thesis subject proposed by Mipro was interesting. In addition, Mipro was a family company of suitable size that I had searched for to write my thesis. In a small-scale company, communication and interaction are easier and you don’t feel like drowning in the organisation,” says Sanna. Coming to Mikkeli meant for Sanna returning home from her university town as well.

“When my Master’s thesis was completed in spring 2012 it was ideal that I was able to carry on working at Mipro and to implement what I had investigated and understood.”

Sanna currently works as a quality manager for Mipro. She is responsible for co-ordinating, developing and maintaining the Integrated Management System. Her job includes development of process procedures, quality tasks, audits, environmental issues, reporting, follow up and partaking in various system development projects. “It’s the kind of job I love. It is diverse and enables me to be involved in various activities and work with people throughout the entire organisation. The best part of the job is that I can participate in many operations and thus challenge myself in various fields. This is a benefit a small company can offer you.”

"Mipro looks ahead.”

"It pays to apply for a job at Mipro if you want to learn new things and challenge your knowledge and skills. Every day has been different and I have learned a lot – and continue to do so,” remarks Sanna. For her the work community has a crucial role: “At Mipro your workmates are easily approachable and they willingly help each other. We have here young people just starting their career and experienced people with considerable track records working in a cosy environment where it is easy to improve your own knowledge. The amount of knowledge available is enormous if you are willing to receive it.”

“The job offers great personal development opportunities too,” says Sanna. ”I would like to be involved in developing Mipro’s operations and to be given more responsibility for the management of quality activities, for example. Mipro continuously develops its operations and seeks for new business opportunities as well. It is great that we don’t hang back but look ahead and take actions as needed.”