Olli Kaljunen, Sales Manager

“Mipro will have interesting projects in the future as well.”

Olli applied for a summer job at Mipro in spring 2012. A summer job was not available but Mipro offered Olli a diploma work place in the Safety Related Systems business line, including an option for a permanent job. It was an opportunity not to be missed. Olli was finishing his studies at Lappeenranta University of Technology where he was studying industrial marketing and international business management.

After having completed his Master’s thesis, Olli stayed with Mipro: the tasks offered were interesting and involved learning many new things. There were other arguments for staying with Mipro. For example, the job corresponded to his education, and offered realistic possibilities to advance his career. Since then Olli has worked in the sales and marketing team for railway systems, and currently holds a position of sales manager.

“My principal task is to prepare tenders. When we talk about interlocking and traffic control systems delivered for railways, the tender material required is usually extensive. My responsibility is to understand the requirements and contents of tenders and the need for subcontracting work in co-operation with partners and the customer. Furthermore, I run calculations and write technical documentation for the initial phase and system descriptions both in Finnish and English,” is how Olli describes his job.

Olli enjoys working together with partners and customers. At the same time, the job includes paperwork which provides a balance to the work. “My job is mainly related to international projects, which brings its own challenges. Competition with big companies operating in international markets is tough, and to find a solution appropriate for us is not always that simple.” At the moment Olli is based in the company's Bratislava office and fully focused on international business.

Possibility to make progress in your career keeps the job meaningful

“The best aspect of my job is that it is varied and challenging,” adds Olli. “I love being able to respond to these challenges and finally, of course, winning the deal!” In Olli’s opinion, his job at Mipro is meaningful because it gives him responsibility if he wishes to take it. And good results are rewarded as well. In sales work he recognises the need to have objectives to prevent the work from becoming boring. For Olli, the best motivation for the job is if he is able to make progress in his career and expand his job skills.

“The railway environment is a special world of its own and the more you become interested in it, the more you will come to understand it. A consistent, pleasant work community with both younger and older workmates provides encouragement and support in this respect; cooperation goes smoothly with everyone. A very important milestone when developing the company’s operations is to commence international activities; it brings experience for the entire company and for me too. Preconditions exist for this step for both the personnel and the company.”