Jari Pylvänäinen, Director, Safety Related Systems

Plenty of challenges and responsibility in a good working atmosphere

Jari works as director of the SRS business line and is responsible for its total management including strategy, development and results. Prior to being named to his current position in 2013, Jari worked as head of the Railway technology unit. His job involved resourcing, total management of railway projects, sellin and marketing, and supervisory tasks which are also included in his current role. Although an engineer basically prefers being involved in expert tasks and technology, Jari likes to combine leadership and supervisory roles into his total field of work.

Jari started at Mipro in 2002 as a newly qualified automation engineer in the Safety Related System business line. As a young design engineer, his flexibility and adaptability were put to the test from the very beginning when he was assigned to system commissioning. “It was an experience in which I was able to learn a lot about railway business secrets. On-call work has been another useful school of practice which has provided the valuable information about what is needed on the field and how the end users feel about Mipro’s systems.”

During his early career, Jari was involved in logic programming. Gradually he realised that it might be worth doing something else, so he started further studies at Lappeenranta University of Technology. Studies proceeded, along with the job, slowly at first and then with a greater sense of purpose towards a Master’s Degree in Industrial Management. Jari has gained experience for his current position by working as a team leader for logic programming and as product manager for the interlocking system.

Jari greatly appreciates the challenges and responsibility that Mipro has given him to accomplish tasks. “For sure the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence. The atmosphere here is good and the company takes good care of its people.” Jari looks at new challenges and objectives with confidence. One of the most interesting challenges in the near future is the launch of international activities. “Success is totally in our own hands.”