Metro solutions

Interlocking solution for metro

Mipro’s computer-based fail-safe metro interlocking system is developed to control and manage high-frequency and demanding rail operations. The modular and flexible system architecture enables various traffic and operation modes, future expansions and modifications, as well as easy integration in existing infrastructures.


  • High availability and reliability
  • Compatibility with existing trackside equipment and systems
  • Long product life-cycle through future-orientated technology
  • Online diagnostics and test system
  • Easy modifications without affecting operation in other areas
  • Scalability through modular configuration
  • Two-out-of-two architecture for all modules

ATS Automatic Train Supervision

Mipro’s ATS automatic train supervision and control system is based on modern computer technology and developed for reliable and efficient rail traffic control and management. Its functionalities and features are designed for fully automatic operations and for demanding control environments with high traffic frequency.


  • Fully automatic operations for high frequency traffic environments
  • Modular and scalable system architecture
  • Availability and adaptability
  • Easy integration with interlocking and other systems
  • Function modes for specific traffic situations
  • Simulator and playback functions as integral system parts