West Metro interlocking system project, 2015 - 2017

A total solution suitable for the West Metro environment within a tight schedule

Mipro has delivered the interlocking and ATS systems and the passenger information system for the new West Metro line, the western metro extension of the existing Helsinki metro.

For the new rail line of 14 kilometres, Mipro delivered a centralised system solution based on the existing infrastructure. Mipro adapted its solution to the requirements set by the existing track equipment locations, cable tunnels, power supply, data communication and equipment rooms to enable safe and efficient construction of the solution one station at a time.

Mipro’s system project for the new metro line commenced at the end of March 2015, and the interlocking system delivered by Mipro was accepted and taken over successfully in August 2017.

Project management and co-operation in key role

Mipro had total responsibility for delivery of the interlocking and ATS systems for the West Metro line. Consequently, the large number of contractors, subcontractors and other parties involved in the project required accurate and comprehensive project management.

Good co-operation with the customer, high-level knowledge and the commitment of each party played a significant role in this project, which had an exceptionally tight schedule. Strict adherence to the schedule, continuous communication between all parties and a clear definition of responsibilities were required to ensure smooth progression of the project and the desired end result.

Facts and figures of West Metro

  • 28 kilometres of track in total
  • 8 new stations
  • 170 000 passengers every day
  • The highest permissible speed is 80 km/h
  • The current traffic frequency of 4 minutes at the maximum will fall to 2.5 minutes after commissioning
  • Two parallel shafts

The West Metro project has been a large-scale infrastructure project. It employeed hundreds of designers and thousands of construction workers, and indirectly thousands of subcontractors.